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Christine de Pizan and Renaissance Women

Christine de Pizan (b. 1365 in Venice- d. 1430 in Poissy) De Pizan’s father moved  his family to France when he became the court astrologer/physician to Charles V . Her father and later her husband supported her studies, and when the latter passed away, de Pizan began to support herself and her children by writing […]

FInal Paper Portfolio

Contents: Copy/Image of primary source Primary source justification Peer review(s) of primary source Annotated bibliography Outline Peer review(s) of outline response to peer review(s) of outline Peer notes on oral presentation First draft of complete paper Peer review(s) of first draft Annotated draft after visit to writing center (evidence of working with writing tutor)  

Felipe Fernández-Armesto, Near a Thousand Tables excerpt

Reading distributed in class on Thursday, also available in my faculty mailbox in FloMo. Add your comments and questions about the excerpt here.

Bridging World History Unit 16 video

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Human Web Chapter 6

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Selling history

Why the liberal arts (including history) are important for future business leaders…

How to write an outline

I. Introduction A. Thesis statement: indicates relationship between primary source and race/class/gender and the significance of your argument II. Major Idea #1 A. Statement of idea and its relationship to primary source B. Detail from primary source 1. Supporting evidence from secondary source C. Detail from primary source 1. Supporting evidence from secondary source III. […]