Bridging World History Video Unit 15

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  1. Andrew Garcia · · Reply

    I found the Bridging World History Video for Unit 15 to be very informative and gave me a better view of the city of Potosi and how they had an influence on the rest of world with their abundant amounts of silver, as well as the overall impact silver had on the globalization of trade. To start off I like how the video states the fact that China’s demand for silver was what sparked global trade, not what many believe in Europeans searching for spices. I enjoyed getting the backround on how this all occured with the Ming Dynasties beginning to establish paper currency as the main source of money, which was later learned to be a failure and lead to the desire of silver. I also liked how they went into describing how traders would use silver in the process of trading by shaving off parts of the silver to make it weigh less, ultimately making it less valuable. If the chinese government made it mandatory for people to use paper currency as the official currency of the nation, how all of the sudden did it not become accepted and silver become the source of money everybody wanted? It seems like paper currency only lasted a short amount of time.

  2. I found it interesting how silver became the main source of currency during the 16th century. China had changed to paper currency, but later switched back to silver, thus creating the Global Trade market during that time. This caused an increase need for silver around Europe.

  3. Matthew Lopez · · Reply

    Unit 15 had a lot of content in it. I thought it was interesting that the beads used by the indigenous people made a bridge between different economic systems. My question is if there were some kinds of currency used today that could be interpreted as a bridge that connects economic systems today?

  4. Alex Tenorio · · Reply

    I thought it was interesting how potosi and china were directly related even though their distances were so vast. How they both traded the silver currency was an interesting example of how places can be so dependent on one another. One question i arrived at was how potosi had influence over china since they supplied them with such a significant amount of silver?

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