Human Web Chapter 6

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  1. nlarson15 · · Reply

    I found it interesting that even after Johannes Gutenberg invented and improved his movable and reusable metal printing press, which made it faster to produce books and for a cheaper cost, the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire in India, and the Ming in China chose to keep using scribes. There are several hypotheses to why they did this, which include: “Perhaps the scribes were too powerful to offend, perhaps printing looked too difficult to control, or – in the case of languages with ideographic rather than alphabetic script – printing seemed not much of an improvement over handwriting or woodblock printing” (180).

  2. I still don’t really understand why is it that after they have achieved globalization, inequality also became a bigger problem. The process of specialization of labor and exchange became global and yielding greater wealth. But why has it caused more inequlity amongst men?

  3. I thought it was interesting how the Chinese Empire built a navy and then abandoned it, why? and also how the Atlantic European naval technology did not spread through the east for many years.

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