Bridging World History Unit 16 video

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  1. cindymanko · · Reply

    Tea was a great commodity to the British at the great expense of other cultures. The British traded opium with the Chinese in exchange for tea and this ruined their government and social order. Tea also caused the enslavement of millions of Africans in order to work on the sugar plantations and crystallize the sugar in order to add more flavor to the tea. Was there any other sustenance that caused such trouble for other cultures such as tea?

  2. Food has such a huge impact on globalization because of its production, transportation and consumption, and it can even cause shifts in population. It is interesting how one commodity can change trade or an economy of the entire world. Sugar and Tea are examples of such commodities that had a huge impact. They were grown and exported all over the world; slaves were brought in to work the land to grow the crops. How did people find out about the different commodities and their uses if they originated from different countries, languages were different and distances were very far? Since they had to ship the commodities back home how did they know or transport it so that tasted the same as when it was first tasted? If sugar made things sweeter and was used in tea how did one taste tea, like it and decide to bring it back and then add sugar?

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