Final Exam

11:10-12:30 Final = Wednesday, December 12 11:45am-2:15pm

12:40-2pm Final = Monday, December 10 3-5:30pm

*Meet in our normal classroom

  • The format of the final is the same as the midterm, just longer
  • short ids = 2-3 concise sentences identifying the historical time/place and significance of the keyword in relation to material covered in the course
  • map ids = 1-2 concise sentences identifying the historical period and society(ies) represented in the map
  • short essay questions = paragraph length answer that provides specific examples relevant to the question drawn from course materials
  • All answers need to be complete sentences.
  • No books or notes are allowed in the exam.
  • There will be no make-ups for the final exam.

Sample exam questions drawn from Human Web, Ch 5 (some of these will be REAL exam questions):

Short ids


Mongolian Invasions

Seljuk Turks





Great Zimbabwe

Maps – note the maps on pp.125, 129, 139 (as well as those in the other chapters) 

Short Essay questions

What is “market behavior” and how did it develop in China and Europe? What was different about the development of markets in China vs. Europe?

Why did Ming China exit international commerce in the 15th c.? What was the global impact of this choice?

Why didn’t Southwest Asia develop economically in a similar way as China (East Asia)?

Describe open field farming and the significance of collective plow teams on social and economic change in Europe.

What technological changes in Europe fostered political instability in the early modern period?


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